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Your personalized jewel

Costumized for you

Do you have an idea for a jewel? Do you want to celebrate a special moment with a unique gift? We can design it together, according to your needs and budget.


One of a kind

Personalized for you

How does it work

Personalized jewelry

Sometimes to celebrate a moment or a person buying something ready-made is not enough.

If you want to give or wear something unique and designed especially for you, you are in the right place.

We will design the jewel together, then I will propose you a quote and finally I will make your unique jewel.

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The project

Do you already have a specific idea? Or just a suggestion?

Once we discuss together starting from keywords, materials or gems, I will start designing one or more proposals and I will send them to you together with an estimate of the cost.


The realization

Your personalized jewel will be a unique piece made entirely by hand.

I will use the most appropriate technique to create the project: wax sculpture, sand casting, chisel….


The result

A unique and personalized piece is more than just a jewel, it is an heirloom that is preserved over time to remember a moment or a special person.


Unique personalized pieces

About Me

Metal & Grete

I’m Grete, the woman behind every aspect of the brand Metal & Grete.

My jewels are handcrafted in Andalo in Trentino, to give you the opportunity to take home a memory of the mountains or to dream them from afar.

Find out more about me and my brand.

A tree for each jewel

Metal and grete jewelry is inspired by nature, so it’s important for me to thank her.

For each piece sold I make a donation to plant a tree thanks to One Tree Planted.

Contact me

Let’s set up a meeting to discuss your custom project


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