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Metal & Grete

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Hi I’m Grete,

I am a goldsmith and I have a small studio in a mountain village in the Dolomites, in Andalo in Trentino


Me, the artisan

Since I was a child I have loved creating. I always loved jewels but I ended up studying architecture and engineering, suppressing my creative spirit a little.

While I was working as an engineer, I started taking goldsmithing courses on weekends in Vicenza.

I became more and more passionate about jewelry and I left my job as an engineer in Trento to enroll in a full-time school in Florence.

Thanks to the knowledge I acquired from my talented teachers in Vicenza and Florence I was able to open a small studio in my hometown in the Dolomites, Andalo, here I create jewels inspired by the mountains and nature.


Metal & Grete

Metal and Grete jewels are inspired by the Dolomites, the beautiful mountains that surround me.

I have collections that refer to many aspects of the mountain environment: snow, rocks, branches, streams, animals…

All my pieces are handcrafted. I use many different techniques: castings, wax modeling, chisel, bench fabrication.

A Metal and Grete jewel makes you wear a memory of the mountains.

Do you have any questions or curiosities? Is there anything else you want to know about Metal and Grete?

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